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  1. When using text file based logging, the format for valids is output such as: New Format "combo:RSN || " + "Members: %s || " + "TOTAL_LEVEL: %,d || " + "INVENTORY VALUE: %,d || " + "EQUIPPED VALUE: %,d || " + "BANK_VALUE: %,d || " + "G_E VALUE: %,d || " + "Pin: %s || " + "Combat_Lvl: %d || " + "Last_Login: %s || " + "Quests: %s || " + "Location: %s || " + "Account Type: %s || " + "Membership Days Left: %d || " + "Quest Points: %d || " + "Skills: %s || " + "Date Checked: %s || " + "Info: %d || Error: %s", Old Format combo:rsn:total level:member:invent total:equip total:bank Total:exchange total:bank pin:combat level:last login:completed quests:location:account type:membership days left:quest points:skills:date checked:recieved packets:error during grab RS3/OSRS Hiscore Lookup Format RS3: combo, RS3_total_level, RS3_total_exp, RS3_combat_level OSRS: combo, OSRS_total_level OSRS_total_exp
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    RsTools Guide

    Works fine, you were likely banned for some reason.
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    RsTools Guide

    https://discord.rstools.club/ forums are inactive
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    RsTools Guide

    Great tutorial! Will be Pinning
  5. Today we will be releasing SQL logging for premium and soon deluxe users! Why add this functionality? For the past while we've utilized text files to log data. While this method works, it severely limits our ability to log details that could be very helpful for users. For example, if we wished to implement logging of all items in the bank, using text files would lead to massive files and unreadability for most users. The above screenshot shows the new data we are capturing by adding SQL logging support. Before, we only captured the value. Now users can check the exact items that are on an account whether it be by name or ID/amount. The above logging has been done for: Equipment, Inventory and Grand Exchange. Valid accounts are the only data being logged into the DB file at the moment. This is due to us needing to rewrite our account loading handler to support SQL should a user wish to move all logging over to it. This will be difficult as we wish to maintain backwards compatibility for users wishing to keep text file logging. Below contains the more detailed skills logging that we added as well. This will make it easy to find accounts with a certain skill. Below contains the valids table where most data will be imported to.
  6. Total Level Checker now supports capmonster! https://capmonster.cloud/
  7. Please use the attached program to generate your HWID which will be used to bind the program to your computer. If at any point in time you need to change your HWID, contact me as it will cost a small fee. RsTools HWID Checker.zip
  8. I like how ur wall paper is also an owl. GLWS
  9. UPDATE AS OF JULY 7th 2020 THIS METHOD HAS BEEN PATCHED BY JAGEX. What is this? The total level checker will check a list of usernames/emails on RS to see if 1. the account is valid, 2. its stats on both games + email hint. Below is an example of the logs it will output after finding a valid account. [email protected]:700-800~Over 500 hours of game time:Never Played:E***********@l***.com [email protected]:0-100~1 hour of game time:0-100~Less than 1 hour of game time:e***************@y****.com The program will output all results into either valid.txt/invalid.txt as well as errors.txt if there was an issue during the checking process after numerous failed attempts. Why Ours is Better The other ones we have seen do not compare due to the minor advantages we have added to increase speed/effectiveness. Ours currently uses 2Captcha to solve captches and will add support for others upon request You can set threads to any amount you wish but 2captcha does limit to 50 threads per API key Removal of valids/invalids from the loaded list into memory to prevent double checking Captcha solving logic - any solved captcha that for some reason failed to POST correctly will be used again in another thread to prevent that captcha token from being wasted Proxy authentication/types - ours will allow for both SOCKS 5 and HTTP proxies; either IP bound or require user/pass will work Proxy tester built in - the program will run in 'proxy test' mode if the flag --test-proxies (-tp) is given during runtime. This will output good proxies (one's that successfully connected and do not appear to be IP blocked from RS's page; those (bad proxies) will be logged to a file for further testing at a later point Cost: $200.00 USD lifetime - Bound to HWID Example of the proxy checker: [GOOD PROXY]: [BAD PROXY]: [Unexpected end of file from server] [GOOD PROXY]: [GOOD PROXY]: [BAD PROXY]: [Read timed out] [BAD PROXY]: [connect timed out] [BAD PROXY]: [connect timed out] [GOOD PROXY]: [BAD PROXY]: [connect timed out] [BAD PROXY]: [connect timed out] [BAD PROXY]: [Read timed out] [BAD PROXY]: [Read timed out] [GOOD PROXY]: [BAD PROXY]: [Connection refused: connect] [BAD PROXY]: [connect timed out] [GOOD PROXY]: [BAD PROXY]: [Read timed out] [BAD PROXY]: [Read timed out] [GOOD PROXY]: [BAD PROXY]: [Read timed out] [GOOD PROXY]: Demo of the program running: demo.mp4
  10. Bought a couple P2ps from remedy, worked perfectly. Vouch
  11. Admin


    We've made this forum as we have been having issues with members wanting to sell accounts/other items. Should the current discord (3rd one) be banned, it will become private for customers only.
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