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Selling OSRS Bank Looter + Muler

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Demonstration video:


Can do another preview if requested + small list of accounts provided, as I don't have any acc list



- Reads accounts from .txt (username:password)

- Outputs looted accs to new .txt

    - Output log:

        - Username:password

        - Account status, bank value

        - Combat level

        - Total level

        - Membership days left

        - Each individual skill and its level


- Calculates value of bank, equips, inventory

- Loots everything from bank, inv, equips

- Communicates with a mule account and trades everything over

- Only loot over X value setting

- P2p/f2p both supported



- Skips ironmen, but logs value of all items

- Skips ultimate ironmen, but logs inv/equips value

- Skips tut island accs

- Skips banned/locked/billing issue/authed/restricted/already logged accounts

- Removes placeholders and fillers from bank, to be able to deposit and loot bank

- Only hops to regular worlds

- Drops untradables and unbankables such as exp lamps

- Sets a username if username got reset for inactivity

- Skips accounts if they are trade restricted


Features of muler:

- Communicates with looter account, detects when account wants to trade

- Hops to looter account, and accepts trade from the looter account (p2p/f2p both supported)

- Accepts all items from the trade, and banks them


Bot client:
- RSPeer, because of their interaction method, the script can be lightning fast



- $250 lifetime access

- Price is final, no monthly/weekly/yearly/whatever

- Updates are free, but personal features (depending on the size) may be done for a fee

- No trials. I will demonstrate the script if you'd like to see how it works. If the script breaks for some reason, I will fix it asap.

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I like how ur wall paper is also an owl. GLWS

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    • When using text file based logging, the format for valids is output such as:  New Format "combo:RSN || " + "Members: %s || " + "TOTAL_LEVEL: %,d || " + "INVENTORY VALUE: %,d || " + "EQUIPPED VALUE: %,d || " + "BANK_VALUE: %,d || " + "G_E VALUE: %,d || " + "Pin: %s || " + "Combat_Lvl: %d || " + "Last_Login: %s || " + "Quests: %s || " + "Location: %s || " + "Account Type: %s || " + "Membership Days Left: %d || " + "Quest Points: %d || " + "Skills: %s || " + "Date Checked: %s || " + "Info: %d || Error: %s",    Old Format "%s:"//combo + "%s:"//rsn + "%d:"//total level + "%s:"//member + "%,d:"//invent total + "%,d:"//equip total + "%,d:"//bank Total + "%,d:"//exchange total + "%s:"//bank pin + "%d:"//combat level + "%s:"//last login + "%s:"//completed quests + "%s:"//location + "%s:"//account type + "%d:"//membership days left + "%d:"//quest points + "%s:"//skills + "%s:"//date checked + "%d:"//recieved packets + "%s", //error during grab   RS3/OSRS Hiscore Lookup Format RS3: combo, RS3_total_level, RS3_total_exp, RS3_combat_level OSRS: combo, OSRS_total_level OSRS_total_exp  
    • Heard wonderful things about this one, let's try it out
    • OSRS accs: select by stats, any quests , account inactivity, etc RS3 accs: select by stats prices negotiable pm fouston100#7999 on discord    
    • you still selling 9hp ironman?
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